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How Bold Fox Cultivates

the American Dream

Bold Fox Development is founded on what it means to truly live the American Dream. Developing communities across Texas, Bold Fox Development aims to bring families together while connecting them to their surrounding community and environment.

Our Commitment

Our commitment at Bold Fox Development is to Create the Canvas for the American Dream™ for homebuyers. Our aim is to bring families and neighbors together across Texas with award-winning builders and nature-inspired communities

Our Mission

Our mission at Bold Fox Development is to connect our ultimate clients - the homebuyer - to the surrounding environment in a new way through innovative land planning as well as curate the experience of a master-planned community.

Our Communities

Our Approach

Developing communities may be our passion but it doesn’t come without a streamlined focus. Our approach goes through a process starting with rigorous land analysis, curated land plans, consultant meetings, special district planning, and developing with nature in mind to include replanting programs, habitat protection and green practices.

Our Partnerships  Our Leadership

What Our Partners Are Saying

"We are absolutely blessed and truly honored to be a consultant on the Bold Fox team. The opportunity to be a part of the Development Team that is keenly focused on providing all Families that chance to live the American Dream is an unequivocal privilege. Alex, and the Bold Fox’s teams resolve to deliver on that American Dream commitment is undeniable as he leads the charge to build communities that will be viable assets to the cities, towns and counties where he develops for generations and lifetimes to come."
Jim Russ
EHRA Engineering